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terrible hamster justice will be wrecked on you! GO FOR THE EYES BOO!
Funniest spoof I've seen of the Tom Cruise vid. Includes enough of actual Tom Cruise to cause wtf-ery, but the funny dilutes it down.

Click Here

If this has been posted a gazillion times on LJ already, my apologies but I haven't been around.
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I'm flying to Malaysia in a few hours so MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Hope the next year is even more fantastic than this one!

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Oh my god people! The Chaser are coming to UNSW Roundhouse on Dec 4!
(They're also doing USyd the next day)
PLEASE someone be interested in going!
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I have guinea pigs! Two females, actually. We were just planning to get one first but then the store we bought them from is a produce store and the guy said that the guinea pigs were mainly sold as food for snakes, so we decided to get another one! So one's called Boo (and even looks like Boo!) and the other's Ping and she's black and white and kind of fat. Boo's getting a little used to the new hutch and having people handle her but Ping's the most nervous little wreck ever. I'm actually kind of worried for her because she looks like she's shivering all the time and she has a scab? on her back but we're taking them to the vet on Saturday.

Photos are coming, I just have to find the cable for my brother's camera.

And oh yeah, Boo's peed on me twice.

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I just finished two major assignments, have a 20% exam on Wednesday, two more exams the following week, about 101 little tiny things to do around the house and many many many things to download and watch. And all I did today was sleep. It was excellent. And speaking of things to watch, I adore Private Practice. The last episode actually had me crying through the end. The only other show that's made me do that is my favourite episode of Cold Case about the girl who died in a fire at a frat party. Song choices and storyline was AMAZING.

I've started advertising for my job at the clinic and we've had a crapton of applicants in the first three days. I've been weeding out all the people who, while they're acceptable, just didn't seem to put much effort into their application. Seriously, one applicant shot me off an email going "hey you are you doing? i want to apply for the secretary job" and then gave me a one page resume. I'm kind of surprised people in uni still apply like that. Either way, I kinda feel a bit like a bitch when I'm rejecting people. Otherwise, everyone else seems way over-qualified.

The Chaser trial was adjourned to Dec 5! The wait is killing me! But at least we get a Chaser Election series, yes?

I got a ridiculously short haircut - I honestly haven't had hair this short since I was in year 4. I feel like a dork.

And I finally got around to reading Making Money by Terry Pratchett. He's practically combined my two favourite things - economics and Discworld. When Lipwig talks about a dollar being recirculated through the economy, my brain was screaming KEYNESIAN MULTIPLIER!! and I was giggling madly. And then I spent about fifteen minutes explaining it and neoclassical theory to my brother. I love Pratchett!

And movies - I saw Rush Hour 3 and Superbad. Rush Hour 3 is not crap but it's definitely funnier than the previous 2. Probably because they savaged the plot for a few more laughs, but eh. It's Jackie Chan! Apparently he's not liked much in Hong Kong because he's got a bumload of illegitimate children, all genetically proven, that he doesn't acknowledge. Superbad is just awesome. They swear for every second word but it is so worth it. I have no idea where they got the guy who plays Fogell/Mclovin, but he is the biggest and best nerd I've ever seen in a movie.

Anyway, to finish, here is a picture of an insanely cute baby bunny rabbit.
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This journal is largely becoming a journal where I just rant about the stuff I hate. Well here's another one for the trip: The consideration of the Australian government to introduce mandatory citizenship tests.

What the flying f**k? Why are we even considering it? The adoption of citizenship tests is like the freaking White Australia all over again. Okay, maybe overreacting because the WAP was blatantly racist, but I can't believe how freaking stupid this is.

They say that the introduction of such a test is to ensure that the people who come into our country uphold our values and beliefs and nationalistic pride. I have two problems with this: 1. A correct/incorrect marked test is not going to determine this and 2. How are potential immigrants expected to have these qualities if they haven't been able to experience what we have to offer?
And does anyone remember Mrs Young in Year 10? In our first lesson with her, she asked us ten questions about the history of Australia and the majority of us only got about 5? We honestly don't give a crap about what year the Snowy Hydro...Dam...thing was built, but we still have our own sense of warped pride in our country (don't we?).
My parents were immigrants and I can assure you that my dad had much more pressing concerns to worry about prior to coming here as opposed to remembering who our first PM was. Actually, i'm pretty sure he still doesn't know who it was.
And i've actually run out of steam here because i'm just incredibly frustrated and absolutely mind-boggled about how people could possibly think this is a good idea!And I actually think I might get a bit of hate for this...

Oh! Season finale rundown:
Ugly Betty: WHYYYYYYYY?!
Grey's Anatomy: Sandra Oh needs a freaking Oscar for her last scene but other than that, I feel like the series has run out of steam and can't wait for Kate Walsh's spin off to start next season!
Numb3rs: WHYYYYYYYY?! But that was some pretty sweet code breaking and Diane Farr came back!

Movies rundown:
Spiderman: Venom rocks my socks, when i'm wearing them. But I still can't get over the whole 'It's a malignant symbiotic alien life form whose weakness is the sound of bells!' Still, it's better than if your main weakness was your name said backwards. And oh! Captain Planet? Meant to fight pollution, right? But his main weakness was pollution. I can go on for hours about this...
Transformers: ~Transformers! More than meets the eye. Transformers! Da da da da...can't remember the rest of the words... This is going to be the Best. Robot. Movie. Ever. Muahahahaha.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: I really think this one is going to be the best and the casting of Luna Lovegood has GOT to be the best casting choice they've made so far (with exceptions). She actually looks the part without looking like a badly dressed dork!
Pirates of the Caribbean 3: The trailer made me LOL out loud. It was like: piratepiratemonkeypiratejohnnydeppexplodingshippirateWELCOME TO SINGAPOREpirateMONKEYexplodinghsipgeoffreyrushpirate. Hee. I love Chow Yun Fat. And did Singapore even exist back then? Also, here is the most adorable monkey picture ever:
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Hi. So. Okay. Several things.

FIRST. This might be old news to some of you BUT. I have got a graduate job with Deloitte! (Yes, that's a link right there. Click it!)

I'm going to be working in Auditing and Assurance and it's going to be freaking AWESOME. So yes, I'm just so incredibly excited about this because I really wanted to work for them in the beginning and they're really an awesome and amazing company and I'm not just saying this because they offered me a job! They also gave me this pretty funky freebie that's a USB hub and it's actually really useful for the laptop and argh, I'm just so excited! And! I get to act all corporate and wear flashy business suits (hopefully I don't look like a dork in them).

SECOND. I officially have the most sexiest and smoothest working computer in the world, and it was paid and assembled 100% by yours truly. Property rights are so empowering.

THIRD. Soapbox time.
The Sydney Morning Herald! I admire it so much that I shell out $20 bucks a year on student discount to get it home delivered on the weekends and oh boy do I enjoy waking up uber early on the weekends in order to collect it before some soccer mum decides to steal it from my garden. I mean seriously, soccer mums, I don't mind if you want to read it while your kid plays sport, but return it, okay?

Anyhow, the Herald continues to push the boundaries of journalism and ran this piece on this girl who committed suicide and it was accompanied by an Insight report and both of them pretty much turned into articles focused on the EMO TREND. And yes, they actually use the term 'emo'! Oh Herald, you continue to impress me! I grabbed the article that was the case study on emos from Factiva and it's under the cut. Unfortunately, it's a bit tl;dr, so I've selected a few choice passages for your viewing pleasure.

It just continues to amaze me how reporters can be so correct and at the same time just so far off the ball.

On the emo trend in general:
...there's a downside: big, black Xs on both hands to mark affiliation, musical tastes than can veer towards the violent, militant and racist, and an extreme ethos on its fringes that appears more fascist than friendly.
Fear mongering, perhaps?

It's short for emotion, about as broad and meaningless a designation as you could hope for, making it the perfect canvas for countless fears and theories.
An emo, broadly speaking, dresses a certain way, listens to certain music, and is inclined to gloom...noted for "songs with loud guitars and lyrics about girls who didn't like them"

I laughed at that last bit.

MySpace gets a mention, of course:
... Australians absorbed the news that MySpace had been used by two teenagers to warn the world of their impending deaths.

From an emo herself!
Tahlia's tribe, if she's forced to identify one, is the goths - inclined to black eyes, hair and garb, a get-up that she is aware gives parents and many of her peers the frights. She listens to bands like Cradle of Filth and DragonForce, yet gives Tori Amos an occasional spin. She hates pigeonholes..."I love fairies," she says. "And unicorns and butterflies and rainbows."
No, she's not kidding.

Some sense from a parent:
...the most useful thing parents can do is the thing that should be the simplest but is often the hardest. "Just open their doors just a little bit, look past the make-up, and listen. Just listen."
I agree with this, but I would like to point out the fact that this method is constantly being repeated by experts who are trying to encourage familiarity between parents and their disillusioned children and yet NOBODY SEEMS TO BE DOING IT. And there's also the problem that kids just don't want to talk to their parents. And I would also like to point out that some emos are just attention needy and sometimes just need a good slap.

Read more...Collapse )

And then just when I thought it was over, the Herald's Sunday paper decided to do another insightful case study on the culture. Once again, it's under the cut and is somewhat tl;dr as well. I would particularly recommend reading this one because of some of the lol-worthy quotes.

In the cyber world, they hook up on MySpace, posting poetic stream-of-consciousness messages. In Sydney, they meet on Saturdays in Hyde Park, drinking vodka and talking about death. Their dark clothes and jet-black hair, often with a long straight side fringe, mark them out.

And apparently a 14 year old girl was the best source they could find:
KATY (not her real name) - a 14-year-old Catholic schoolgirl from the eastern suburbs - got into emo last year.
She says: "It was mainly just the trend, I wouldn't say I was just into the music. It was just the whole blackness that I liked. Goth was out and emo was in.
"The whole side fringe and the black jeans and the black band shirts. I usually wear black jeans and a band shirt from one of my favourite bands. My favourites are Linkin Park and From Autumn To Ashes.
"I love the hair, I just love the hair. My hair is usually out, it's straightened and I've got the side fringe. It used to be red but now it's brown 'cos it all faded out.

Good grief, now it's fashionable to be emo? Emo is not meant to be a fashion trend! Emotions are not a seasonal thing! Do people really go around saying, "You know, being happy is so last year"?

...There were girls going around and showing their scars and saying, 'I'm so depressed, look at my scars, I'm so emo'.
WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH THE IDEA THAT SELF-MUTILATION IS COOL?! Of course, i'm biased on this issue since i'm an absolute wuss for pain.

...I see a counsellor now and that's helped a lot. You find they are really nice people.
Some sense!

And here's a 15 year old boy who got into emo because he was too cheap to be a goth:
"It was the shoes that got me. They were, like, $300 for the boots and the pants were about $190. Emo is skinny legs and Converse. Cheap."

And then the inset box:
PERSONALITY Emos tend to be sensitive, shy and introverted, sometimes broken-hearted, often quiet and glum. They are heavily into music with lyrics that deal with confusion, depression, loneliness and anger. Some drink heavily, and some self-mutilate. Suicide is a constant theme.

MUSIC Emotional pop punk bands such as Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, Get Up Kids, Good Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Letter Kills, the Juliana Theory, My Chemical Romance, and Funeral For A Friend.

FASHION Vintage T-shirts, skinny rocker jeans, heavy slacks worn too tight or too short, gas station jackets, Converse Chuck Taylor shoes, thick glasses, studded belts, piercings, chunky raver jewellery, heavy eyeliner for boys and girls, and badges with slogans.

HAIR Defines the emo. Dyed jet black, sometimes with colourful highlights, with a long fringe that falls over the right-hand side of the face.

Read more...Collapse )

So my point in all this is that while this could potentially could be a serious issue, they're looking at it all freaking wrong. Their first mistake is to try and define the whole culture. I mean, they contradict themselves by saying in one article that emo is about not taking drugs...then on Sunday they go and say drugs and drinking are a huge part of the culture. And do they think that if they cut out the music, the black clothes, the drinks and drugs and everything will be fine? Hell no! It is not a goddamn fashion trend! They've effectively gone and trivialised a real, social problem by interviewing scenester kids who think that being sad and depressed is the 21st Century's version of fun, instead of the real problem kids who are sitting around at home with suicidal thoughts because they don't have anyone to talk to and their parents can't be bothered to spend some damn time with them. This whole issue makes me righteously indignant (I can't think of a more appropriate term) but as I am running late for my night lecture, I will stop here.

Aaand that's my rant. Sorry for killing your friends page. Thoughts? Flames? Moolah?
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I feel sick as a dog and I have no one else to complain to. I think my Grave's might be playing up again because i'm getting some of the symptoms again, but my last blood test came back normal and I don't want to cough up another $110 bucks for a consult that might not help with anything. SO i'm just going to hang tight and wait for my next test to come around.

And i'm working as a receptionist now in Maroubra. It is great. So great. I get to sit around all day and type and it is so quiet and hte drug reps come every Thursday and bring tons of freebies!

And uh, apart from complaining about my stomach cramps and stuff, I've really got nothing else! So Happy Chinese New Year for when that rolls around!

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I haven't dropped off the face of the world, i've just been busy by the crapload.
In a nutshell - I've been working almost every day and i've done up a rough draft of my timetable for the coming semester. And also? If you're a customer and ask about an album that in the end makes the sales staff helping you run around all over the store and dig through the depths of the back room, at least consider the merchandise! Don't just look at it and go, "Oh, I just changed my mind. I don't want the dry mount ones. Can you get it for me as a slip-in?" And this is AFTER she's had me wrestles with stacks of plastic to find her the refills as well.
Christmas and New Year's was fun, had a great time, and still managed to sleep heaps. My bed has been so neglected! SAW HAPPY FEET! Baby penguins are some of the most cutest things in the world! Marie Antoinette was okay, kind of made me feel like it was haphazardly slapped together randomly, though.

But here's my beef: http://www.joystiq.com/2007/01/03/videogame-violence-documentary-trailer/
Yet another look at how viedo games breed pschotic terrorist killers. And of course, it stars the wonderful Jack Thompson. There is so much wrong with this that I don't know where to start. "We are what we pretend to be?" Bzuh? That sentence completely contradicts itself! Uh, no, we're not. Am I a level 18 Warlock? Am I a ninja-pirate? Unfortunately, last time I checked, I wasn't. There is just so much crap in the trailer itself that I highly doubt the documentary itself would have a much better perspective. It's like they're just grasping at whatever slender correlation they can find between video games and violence and running with it, with complete disregard to the state of mind of te players and their intentions. Still, i'd like to see it just so I can rant about it.

Also, who's interested in Dragon Boat racing? GIrls only, though, since the intention is to make a girl's team. Training is three times a week but apparantly it's alright just to go for one or two sessions a week.
And i've also got six days off next week! Anybody free for a meet-up?

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Congratulations to me because I have officially not failed my second year of uni! Hooray! And if anything, my marks have ever so slightly improved. My WAM is no longer in the low 60's, but rather in the not-so-low 60's. Yay!

My brother went on his holiday for six weeks and now the house is so quiet because he's not stomping around and yelling from one end of the house to the other. I also went and raided his room the other day and now our computer table has a big, new comfy chair, complete with arm rests. He'll probably want it back when he gets back but boo hoo to him.

Did anyone read The Bridge to Terabithia when they were younger? It was a beautiful book about two kids who 'discover' a secret world and the book is basically about growing up and learning to move on and preserving childhood and all that stuff. It's really quite gorgeous and it was one of my favourite books in primary. Anyway, Disney has decided to further destroy my childhood by making a Bridge to Terabithia MOVIE. And it is TERRIBLE. They've decided to skip all that gorgeous metaphorical symbols and motifs and gone straight into making Terabthia some kind of cracked up Narnia complete with freaking Ents and ginormous beavers. Thanks a lot Disney, who the hell gave you this idea?

So anyway, i'm off to Ling's to make chocolate chip cookies. Emmie should be there too. And I am late now.
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