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terrible hamster justice will be wrecked on you! GO FOR THE EYES BOO!

bad chocobo
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Female. 20. Doesn't like talking about herself in Bios.
+anima, aerosmith, aiesec, air gear, airgear, anarchy, anime, aqualung, basketball, ben lee, black cat, blackadder, bleach, bleach manga, books of magic, british comedies, cable & deadpool, cate blanchett, cold case, coldplay, complaining, computers, constantine, damien rice, dead poets society, deadpool, defenestration, democracy, dilbert, discworld, disney movies, economics, evil neutral, fables, family guy, fantasy, fifa world cup, firefly, five horsemen, fma, funny words, games, gaming, garrett hedlund, get backers, ghost in the shell, gintama, good mecha animes, good neutral, grey's anatomy, grrm, gundam seed, half-blood prince, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hellblazer, house, house md, hufflepuff, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, ifitypesomethingrandomlywillitlink, jigoku shoujo, joe perry, johnney depp, jonathon rhys-myers, kingdom hearts, law and order, leunig, ligers, little britain, lotr, marian keyes, missy higgins, miyazaki films, muse, music, naruto, ncis, neil gaiman, neverwinter nights, ninja pirates, one piece, palindromes, panics, pedro for president, penny arcade, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plus anima, pringles, private practice, procrastinating, ps2, random, red vs blue, richard dean anderson, robert sean leonard, roosterteeth, roy and hg, russell peters, rvb, saiyuki, samurai champloo, sandman, scans, scifi, scrapped princess, second hand bookstores, secondary characters, serenity, shopping, simpsons, sleeping, soccer, spoonerisms, star bursts, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate: atlantis, steven tyler, terry pratchett, that 70's show, the chaser, the endless, the neutrals, the strangerhood, thirsty merc, topher grace, u2, ugly betty, unicron!, vote for pedro, wallpapers, where's my cow?, x-men, x-wings